Schools and Special events

A Magic show is a fantastic way to celebrate an event at school!

Whether it's the end of term, Christmas or just to say well done. For all their hard work over the term.

Imagine sitting there and looking at that sea of happy faces as your pupils are entranced and amazed at the show that you booked.

And that's not just the children it's the teachers to.

But Carl's magic shows can be so much more than just great entertainment. There is also the educational side to them as well.


A forty five min interactive experience and show that encourages children to read a book. As you know at the moment childhood illiteracy is on the increase in wales.

This show is perfect for World book day and has been extensively used by libraries across wales and many many schools.

He encouraged the children and used them as assistants and this increased their interest, He also showed them books that supported there interests. Since then we have had children asking for books. Tonapandy library. V. Assunder 2006

And with more and more children failing to read at the correct level for their age, adult illiteracy is going to increase to almost epidemic proportions "The I love to read show" is designed to engage children's curiosity about books, and engage them at a level that they can understand showing them what they can get from books and the power of reading.

More and more children are failing to read so book now!

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